Stand up for your rights!

Broken radiators, 135 euros service costs, and 4,25 euros for washing your clothes, the things are all too familiar for the residents of Camelot at Utrecht Science Park. Not only are these practices immoral, but they are also illegal. 

We, a group of residents of Camelot and ROOD Utrecht, are writing a letter to Camelot to demand fairer and more social treatment. This letter will also be sent to the University of Utrecht to inform them about the abuses of Camelot. Sign the letter to show that you won’t take this any longer. 

We won't be publishing any names of the signatories in the letter, as we have heard some concerns about privacy and retaliation by Camelot.

Read the letter here

What is the next step?

The letter is only the first step. Our voices need to be heard, and that is why YOU need to raise awareness, talk to your fellow residents and discuss the abuses executed by Camelot. They might not listen to a few individuals. But, we will make sure they will listen to a united front of Camelot residents.